In order to improve the relations between the Club, parents and the players, in 2016 the Parent Council was formed.  The members are the representatives of the parents and players of the individual training groups. The council is not limited to these particular individuals. Everyone who wants to join the Parent Council is welcome.

At the Council meetings, which take place about once a quarter, we discuss present and future issues concerning the functioning of the Club, and we solve problems in order to improve basketball training. We work together to organize mass events for children and their parents, e.g. Enea Familly Day - a basketball family event. Its third edition will take place on June 18, 2017 at 3 p.m. As usual, at the Marina at Kostrzynska St. If you have any ideas how to improve the work of the Club, please contact us by email, phone or come to the Club headquarters. 

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